Bridgewater e-News - 31 January 2020



Bridgewater e-News

Dear Parents 

The children looked very cosy and comfortable and were really enjoying the films at Film Night on Monday.  Thank you to the Friends who organised the event.  

Congratulations to Leena Patel, who was elected as the Chair of the Friends at the AGM on Thursday evening.  She has already led many successful events with the team, who work tirelessly to provide wonderful experiences for the children and raise significant funds to enrich the children’s environment and resources.  They always welcome new members and support.


I saw some fabulous maths across the school this week.  It was good to see the children challenging themselves and pushing their understanding.  They were able to grasp new concepts with confidence using concrete resources such as the Numicon, pictorial and abstract methods. 

Dangerous play

Please be aware that some older children are accessing inappropriate content online on various websites including one called TikTok, which has encouraged very high-risk dangerous games, where they play on the roads and lie down in front of traffic.  A parent information sheet will be sent home next week.

Car damage

A parent returned to his car last Friday (after attending an assembly in the school) and found that there was significant damage to his car, which had been parked on Bridgewater Drive.  If you saw anything, please let the school office know.


We are also concerned as Abington Vale Primary School have alerted the community to the prevalence of grooming on-line where children have engaged in a conversation with a known adult male and have been coerced into sending images of themselves.  This is aimed at Primary aged children. 

Potential child abduction

Schools have also been alerted to a male who approached and grabbed a child from another school, the child used their initiative and was able to run away.  The male was described as tall, dark, with dreadlocks and tattoos on his face.  The police are investigating. 

On a brighter note Mrs Range’s class have just performed a lovely class assembly about the Ancient Egyptian’s.  The singing and actions were fabulous.

Have a great weekend.

Alison Harvey

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