Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Our year group is split into 3 classes:


  • 3 Rennie Mackintosh: Mrs Karavadra and Miss Peal
  • 3 Hockney: Mrs Spatcher and Miss Rumbold
  • 3 Mondrian: Mr Shipley, Mrs Biddle and Miss Gillett

What we are learning about – Extreme Explorers!

This term we will be turning into explorers for an exciting Geography based unit: ‘Extreme Explorers’. We will learn about different explorers from around the world and what they have achieved. We will gain an insight into mapping and orienteering skills by taking part in various outdoor activities, such as, creating our own shelters and cooking soup outdoors! Below are some links that might be useful to support your learning at home.

You will find our curriculum information further down the page!

The Minpins by Roald Dahl

Year 3 have enjoyed reading this exciting book by Roald Dahl – The Minpins! It’s all about Little Billy who makes new friends that live in miniature houses inside hollow trees. Little Billy comes across a fearsome beast… The Gruncher! He then has to plan a way to defeat him, with the help of his Minpin friends.

The children have produced some wonderful writing based on Billy’s experience in the forbidden Forest of Sin. Next week we will be looking to recreate our own version of The Minpins.

What have you enjoyed the most about this story? Can you write some sentences below to describe Billy’s experience? You could apply all the skills that we have learnt in our English lessons: Power of three, fronted adverbials, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Year 3 Curriculum

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Helping at Home


Each week, you will be given spellings on a Monday, to be tested on a Friday. You will be working on either Year 2 or Year 3/4 common exception words, alongside the Year 3 National Curriculum words.

Topmarks Spelling Website

Times Tables

This term, you will be given multiplication tables to learn, to be tested each week. Below are some links to help you with your tables:

Topmarks Maths Website
Topmarks Maths Games Website

There are many times table songs on YouTube which can help children learn them off by heart.


Please continue to read with your adult on a regular basis. Your reading record should be completed as often as possible and will be checked when you read with an adult at school. You should read your school books and anything else that you enjoy!

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