Antibullying Week Twinning

Last week was antibullying week and in Year 5 we learned about empathy and being a good friend. We read the story ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Kes Gray, which was about friends sticking together, being empathetic and standing up for each other. Year 5 then innovated this story by adding unexpected vocabulary and ensuring they were using their speech toolkit to punctuate dialogue correctly. 5 Dali decided this would be a great opportunity to meet with their twinned class R Klee in the learning zone and teach the younger children what they had learned. Miss Brimble read both classes the story and then the children from 5 Dali read their innovated versions to their new friends in Early Years. Both classes discussed how to be a good friend and the Year 5 children also taught the younger ones what empathy means. It was a lovely afternoon that all the children enjoyed.

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