Health and Well-Being Week

Last week was Health and Well-Being Week.  We learnt about the 6 arches of the well-being rainbow:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Learn Something New
  • Take Notice
  • Help Others
  • Relax.

As part of that, we relaxed by taking part in a yoga session, and painted what we notice around our school grounds using water colours.  We also completed a Healthy Eating quiz, having to search around the Year 5 classes in order to find the answers!  Finally, we had our Sports day on Thursday – see our separate post for more information and photos about that!!!

IMG_4728 IMG_4729 IMG_4733 IMG_4739 IMG_4741 IMG_4745 IMG_4747 IMG_4750 IMG_4752 IMG_4754 IMG_4759 IMG_4761 IMG_4764 IMG_4767 IMG_4772 IMG_4784 IMG_4818 IMG_4820 IMG_4825 IMG_4830 IMG_4836 IMG_4843 IMG_4846 IMG_4850 IMG_4854 IMG_4856 IMG_4858 IMG_4862 IMG_4866

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