More Moths!

We’ve started a trend Year 5!  Everyone is talking about moths!  Mrs Harvey’s niece’s husband is a park ranger in Dorset and he has recently found and photographed these moths for us.  There are some lovely and very rare ones here – thank you very much.  One of Mrs Harvey’s friends has also commented on our Giant Moth post and asked you some questions, Year 5.  I know you have found out the answers to her questions already, so who is going to comment and reply first?!

IMG-20170618-WA0000 IMG-20170618-WA0002 IMG-20170618-WA0001






Buff Tip                      Burnished Brass           Scarlett Tiger

(very rare)


I love the buff tip’s smiley face – great example of twig camouflage too!  Look at the beautiful colours on the other two as well.  What lovely moths!


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