STEAM Week 2017 – Friday

In the morning, we attempted to classify the moths found.  The children identified many different types but unfortunately, we were unable to create a bar chart from the findings.  This is because we discovered that, if classified correctly, there is a huge range of moths species in our school environment.  Therefore, we had not gathered enough data yet.  We decided that we would need to improve our ability to evaluate and record results by: collecting moths over a longer period of time, identifying them when they are in front of us and taking more precise photographs.
We then all twinned which was excellent – the Year 2 children were confident and our Year 5 children empathetic. They all explained their learning and were excited to be sharing their journey with each other.
In the afternoon, we learnt about Democracy and  our voting system, following on from the General Election and linking to our British Values.  We also released all of the moths we had caught this week, back into the freedom of the swale!!!
We hope you are all looking forward to the STEAM Week exhibition!
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