Giant Moths!

This morning, we were really lucky as Simon (who came into school to talk to us about moths during STEAM Week last week) had collected 4 giant moths for us!

We got to look at and hold 2 beautiful pink and green elephant hawk moths, 1 huge privet hawk moth and 1 amazingly shaped poplar hawk moth.

We were able to handle the privet ad poplar moths as they are much calmer, but we released all 4 of them into the swale afterwards so hopefully we will start to get more now!

Have a look at the amazing photos below.  We have also added some google photos and labelled them to show you which is which moth and also show you the elephant moths clearly as they didn’t fancy having a close up photo today but are very beautiful, so need sharing!

Poplar Hawk Moth

Privet Hawk Moth


Elephant Hawk Moth



Poplar Hawk Moth            Privet Hawk Moth        Elephant Hawk Moths

IMG_1227[1] IMG_1230[1] IMG_1232[1] IMG_1236[1] IMG_1237[1] IMG_1242[1] IMG_1245[1] IMG_1246[1] IMG_1247[1] IMG_1249[1] IMG_1251[1] IMG_1252[1] IMG_1253[1] IMG_1254[1] IMG_1255[1] IMG_1256[1] IMG_1257[1] IMG_1258[1] IMG_1259[1] IMG_1260[1] IMG_1261[1] IMG_1262[1] IMG_1264[1]












3 thoughts on “Giant Moths!

  1. i saw some moths round a street light last night and wondered, if they are nocturnal why do they get attracted to light?
    The other thing i would be interested to know is what do moths eat? Would you be able to find out for me?
    Regards, Janet

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