STEAM Week 2017 – Thursday

We had a much better start to our day today as our moth trap was full!!!  It was very exciting as we kept exploring further and finding more and more moths.  In total, we caught 12!

We then found out that something strange had happened in the swale so we went to explore.  This is what we discovered…













We found out that we had been shrunk to the size of moths and we had to imagine that we were moths exploring the swale.  We really enjoyed investigating and going round the swale, considering it from a new, small perspective.

When we got back to class, we wrote pieces of creative writing from the perspective of a moth.  Some children wrote stories, others diary entries and others persuasive writing about improving our swale.  The children really immersed themselves in this and showed great imaginations.

Later in the morning we completed our wire moths.  We used a variety of art media to accurately copy the lines, colours and patterns of the real moths onto our sculpture ones.  They will look really lovely up on display together.

This afternoon, we have used the time to finish off a lot of our work and begin to get our competition entries ready to submit.  We are hopeful that at least one group can win the Canal and River Trust competition and that they will come and improve our swale for us – fingers crossed!

DSC02300 DSC02303 DSC02306 DSC02308 DSC02309 DSC02311 DSC02312 DSC02314 DSC02318 DSC02332 DSC02333 DSC02334 DSC02337 DSC02338 DSC02341 DSC02343 DSC02345 DSC02348 DSC02349 DSC02352 DSC02355 DSC02360 DSC02365 DSC02368 DSC02369 DSC02371 DSC02384 DSC02385 DSC02387 DSC02388 DSC02390 DSC02391 DSC02393 DSC02395 DSC02397 DSC02398 DSC02400 DSC02401 DSC02403







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