STEAM Week 2017 – Wednesday

We’ve had a busy day in Year 5 today and the children have all worked really hard.

We started the morning with assembly, where children from each year group shared their learning so far.  Elliot, Nate and Alfie spoke nice and clearly for Year 5, explaining all about our moth sketches and computer aided designs for the swale.

After assembly, we checked our moth trap, but unfortunately it was empty today.  Hopefully we will have better luck catching some moths tonight.

We spent the rest of the day working on wire moth sculptures.  First of all we made templates and prototypes from pipe cleaners.  We practised getting the correct shapes of the moths we have been studying.  We then used wire pliers, tools and our hands to bend, mould and shape the aluminium wire around our templates into accurate moth shapes.  After that, they were glued together and then we used tissue paper to cover them.  We copied the photographs of the moths carefully so that we could get the colours right.  Some people have begun to add accurate patterns and details onto their moths already and we will be finishing this tomorrow.

We have also made a giant wire moth with Miss Scott’s help.  We will be putting it all together tomorrow and so far it is looking amazing!

The children have all followed Rosie Revere’s attitude brilliantly today, showing great perseverance skills.  They also supported each other well and their moths are looking really good.  Now we just need to encourage more real moths into our swale!

IMG_4600 IMG_4606 IMG_4615 IMG_4622 IMG_4630 IMG_4646 IMG_4662 IMG_4664 IMG_4667 IMG_4681 IMG_4689 IMG_4696 IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4703

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