Health and Well Being Week

During our ‘Health and Well Being Week’, we spent time learning different ways to look after ourselves, using the well being rainbow. Below are the different things we did in order to learn about each objective of the well being rainbow.

Connect – We started the week by writing down something positive about someone in our class who we don’t normally speak to and giving them the note. It was wonderful seeing the other person smile when they received the note!

Be active – We had a football coach from West Bromwich Albion come and teach us some football skills. We also got active during sports day. Everyone took part so positively and tried their best. Well done!

Learning something new – We learnt how to make Origami frogs, planes and butterflies. Some of these tasks were complicated but we helped one another and had great fun.

Take notice – We took some time out to go outside on a sunny day, listen to the birds and take in the surroundings. We talked about how lucky we are to have such beautiful grounds and how much we should appreciate our environment.

Help others – We talked about times where people had helped us and when we had helped others. Some children came back this week telling us all about how they had helped their parents at the weekend, which was lovely to hear

Relax – We relaxed by learning different yoga positions and did some mindfulness colouring.

Can you comment with what you have done to meet one of the objectives on the rainbow?


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