We are engineers!

Today we worked as engineers! Rosie Revere tweeted us today telling us about her inventions and in class we discussed characteristics of an engineer. We were challenged to create a structure using different objects. We soon realised that we were only going to be successful if we used the mindset of an engineer.

The skills we applied were: perseverance, team work, creativity and the ability to learn from our mistakes. This made us resilient and able to keep trying until we achieved a successful structure.

We also worked as designers and started to re-design a section of the swale. We used our observations from our visit to the swale as a stimulus and we will be creating 3D prototypes to match our designs. Some of the designs sound very exciting with ideas such as viewing platforms, building a bridge for the water and insect huts.

Comment below with your ideas on how to improve the habitat!

IMG_1961 (640x478) IMG_1965 (640x478) IMG_1967 (640x478) IMG_1972 (640x478)


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