Today has been an exciting day for Bridgewater Primary School! This morning we received an urgent message, asking us to go to the hall immediately. We watched a video that was given to use by the creatures and animals that live in the swale! We were then given a very important task – to redesign the swale and improve the habitat for the creatures that live there. We visited the swale to carry out a survey; the results of the survey will help us think about what area we would like to redevelop. We discovered some interesting plants and even spotted a rare newt. This afternoon, we plotted the swale onto a map and applied our grid referencing skills to help us understand where the trees, benches, hegdes and water are, ready for us to re-design!

In preparation for our competition this week, we also studied the canal trust website and went onto research the 6 canal habitats as part of this topic. We used books and chrome books to collate facts and then created posters to present the information.

Check the blog tomorrow to find out what else Year 4 have been doing. 🙂

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