Let the battle commence!

Today we have been learning about the Roman army. After looking at the equipment and clothing worn by a Roman Legionary, we learned about how they fought in battle. We learned that the there were four main battle formations used by the Romans; The Orb, Repel- cavalry, Tortoise and the Wedge.

Which of the four formations do you think were the most effective, why?

7 thoughts on “Let the battle commence!

  1. Libby says the best one is the Orb, because the person is in the middle is protected by others. She had fun recreating this and standing in the centre herself.

  2. It’s brilliant to hear all of your explanations for the different battle formations Year 3. I wonder if anyone can remember the formation that was used by The Roman’s against Boudicca’s army? The aim of this formation was to attack and scatter the enemy. The Centurion was usually placed at the front.

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