Roman Day

Last week, Year 3 had a special visitor who came to school to teach us all about Roman life! We learnt about how Romans lived and how their armies fought in battle. Our visitor taught us the commands that the legion commander would have used and the children were very quick learners!  He also showed us some artefacts and weapons as well as letting us try on some armor! We learnt how to play some Roman games, which were great fun. Through some drama work, we learnt about the life of Julius Caesar.

It was lovely to see the children all dressed up as Romans. They have shown enthusiasm and are looking forward to learning more about the Rotten Romans!


8 thoughts on “Roman Day

  1. We are glad you all enjoyed the Roman day! It was a very exciting launch to the topic and the children learnt lots whilst having fun. 👍🏼

  2. Grace S really enjoyed dressing up a Roman. She is looking forward to visiting Piddington, (Roade) where Mrs Biddle said there is a Roman museum.

  3. I loved Roman day.I liked the facts that Dan told us.I loved dressing up into my clothes.I wish we can play some more Roman games.

  4. I loved Roman day because I enjoy researching about history, how people used to live and how that compares to how we live. KC.

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