World Religion Week – Sikhism

This week we have been learning all about Sikhism. We have researched the 10 Guru’s, learnt about the 5 K’s and made a Kangha. Some children have even take the time to bring in home made treats inspired by their learning. Today we have celebrated the Sikh festival ‘Vaisakhi’. We made Khanda flag and a patangs (kites) which spread kind messages to those we care about.

Sienna and Massimo did a fantastic job of telling the rest of the school about our exciting learning.

image1 image2




One thought on “World Religion Week – Sikhism

  1. It was really interesting listening to Sienna and Massimo expertly explaining about Sikhism. I was lucky to catch Mr Lancaster’s class flying their kites with the messages of kindness attached. The excitement showed on your faces as the kites flew high and I’ve put a picture on my blog.

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