Full STEAM Ahead

What an exciting first day back we’ve had today!

Today has been the first day of our STEAM week in which we will be learning about science, technology , engineering, art and maths. Today we have been busy learning about habitats, micro-habitats and biodiversity. Year 2, can you explain what these words mean?

As scientists, we have been ecologists  to learn about different types of canal habitats and learn about the biodiversity in each habitat.  

This afternoon we have visited our school nature area around the swale area to observe the biodiversity there. The children made tally charts to record information about their observations.

Year 2, can you explain what you discovered today?

6 thoughts on “Full STEAM Ahead

  1. Freddy has been telling us all about his learning this week which he has enjoyed. He told us that microhabitat is a small area where animals or plants live.

    • We’ve had a fantastic week and it has been so lovely to see the children develop their ideas and persevere with their designs! I am so pleased to hear Freddy has had so much fun this week.

    • It is great to hear that the children have enjoyed this week. They have had an action packed week as ecologists, technologists, designers, engineers and artists. What an exciting adventure we have had! We hope it has inspired some children to be future scientists, engineers or artists when they get older! Well done all of Year 2.

  2. I have enjoyed learning about grasslands because I was interested in the facts. A micro habitat is a small habitat in a large habitat! Biodiversity means there is lots of different types of plants and animals.

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