The Sealife Centre

Wow! What a day we had at the Sealife Centre for our year 1 trip!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day with lots to see and lots of new experiences to be had. Each group enjoyed an informative behind the scenes tour where experts allowed us to handle shark teeth, see shark embryos in their eggs and learn other interesting facts. Did you know that the peacock mantis shrimp can punch so hard it can shatter glass and a human’s bones?

We also had he opportunity to touch starfish and shark eggs! Apparently the starfish are bumpy and rough but the shark eggs are a bit more smo. Did you know that shark eggs have the nickname ‘mermaid’s purse’ because sailors used to find them and believe they were mermaids’ purses! 

There were a huge range of other sea creatures to see and learn about too; many children were most excited by the penguins and sharks. It was spectacular walking through the ocean tunnel with sharks and turtles swimming over our heads!

Many of the children were also very excited about visiting the 4D cinema and loved the water and vibration effects! We learnt about a range of sea creatures such as piranhas and river dolphins. 

The children behaved fantastically all day, particularly when our coaches were stuck in traffic. We are very proud of them!

We ended the day exhausted and ready for a sleep – adults and children alike!
I wonder if your child can tell you their favourite part of the day or their favourite fact that they learnt?

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