An end to a busy week!

We have all really enjoyed learning about Islam this week and making comparison between the Christian faith and the Muslim faith. To end our week with a bang we learnt about Ramadan and the reason Muslims fast during this time. As a celebration the children moved around 4 different activities to appreciate and understand how Muslims may celebrate Ramadan, these included;

Making paper chains and writing messages to show how they would carry out a kind act for others. 


unnamed-1                 unnamed


We made smoothies called Lassi. This is a drink Muslims have during the hours of darkness. Muslims usually use mango, we decided to use a mixture of vegetables. Can you remember what we used? 


smoothie 1             smoothie 2

The children also made repeating pattern necklaces called Dhikr and designed their own Mehendi patterns.

We has a great week celebrating the Islamic faith and learnt about mutual respect and tolerance.

One thought on “An end to a busy week!

  1. Your paper chains with special messages on were thought provoking to read as well as eye catching.

    I also loved seeing the library full of very quiet children concentrating on threading their beads on their dhikr necklaces with interesting patterns. You taught me that muslims touch a bead as they say a prayer and that they say them quite quickly moving along the necklace.

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