Bread workshop

We were very lucky to have Rob from TnS joining us to complete a bread workshop on Monday, as part of our World religions week. He taught us about how different types of bread are made, where in the world they come from, and demonstrated making a loaf. We also got a taste of some of his freshly baked bread! The wrap proved popular but some of the children were adventurous and chose the Indian naan or Italian focaccia. Yum! Rob also provided bread recipes to take home so that the children can practise baking bread themselves if they wish. 

2 thoughts on “Bread workshop

  1. My daughter Olivia really enjoyed this say; she tried the naan bread and thought it tasted yummy 😋. We are going to try and make our own bread tomorrow.

  2. Evie and her brother loved learning about making bread. They made their own loaf on Sunday, it was lots of fun and very successful.

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