Sports Relief

IMG_3650Year 1 had a fantastic time on Friday dressed in sports gear for Sports Relief. The children had time during the day to complete either a run/ walk/ skip/hop etc on the track, which was set up on the field. They were all involved and enjoyed working as a team, encouraging one another to complete a mile on the track.


IMG_3636The children were enthusiastic to be active and persevered even when they were tired. Well done!


A special well done to Freddie A and Mabel who were awarded for their Doctor Don’t Give Up attitudes when running. They didn’t stop!






8 thoughts on “Sports Relief

  1. Hi class,
    Hope you all had fun on Friday, I really enjoy running with my friends. look forward to doing it again sometime. x

  2. It is healthy running because it keeps you fit and it was fun. Well done Freddie A I am proud of you. Olivia Hall.

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