How to get down from the moon…

During assembly we learnt that the boy who has landed on the moon met a martian. Both the boy and the martian were stuck on the moon.We have to think about a way of get
ting the boy back to earth.

image3After some discussion we decided it would be best to make a para
chute. Initially we explored a range of materials and considered which one we thought would be best for the parachute. Once this decision had been made, we begun to design out own parachute.

After break we began making it. When we had finish lunch we were incredibly excited to go onto the playground to test out parachutes.

Finally we wrote an evaluation and considered what we would change or improved for next time.


63 thoughts on “How to get down from the moon…

  1. I really enjoyed making the alien sandwiches, I thought mine tasted really nice. Next time I will put more cucumber in the sandwich. I used to think I did not like cucumber, but now I do! ?

    • Sounds like this experience really helped you to think about using suitable materials for different purposes. Well done Jack! ?

  2. I liked eating my alien sandwich. I even ate the tomato which I have never had in a sandwich before. It was tasty. ???

  3. I made my parachute out of plastic, it was really fun testing it out, it turned around 2 times and floated to the ground.

  4. Faith says: – I really enjoyed making my parachute and testing it. Mine went really fast to the ground. Next time I will make it with plastic and bigger.

  5. We have been working on spelling today and Dexter has been writing sentences, we have noticed some spelling errors and some missing words in this story, great spot Dexter!! Words like finish rather than finished and get ting rather than getting

  6. I liked eating my sandwich because I put butter and cheese spread in it and on the top I put tomatoes for eyes and lettuce for eyelashes. I think the aliens would have liked it too.
    I made my parachute out of plastic. When we tested the parachutes outside I thought mine was good and it floated down safely.
    I hope you like my sentence Miss Cox 🙂

    • Why don’t you talked to your teacher and friends and get some top tips; that way you could make your own over the Easter holidays. If you do manage to make it, let us know how you get on ?

  7. I made my parachute out of fabric, string and a stick it was fun and when I tried to stick the string on to the stick it was a bit tricky. When I tried it thou it worked really well.

  8. Evie says: I liked making the parachute because it is fun and I love art and crafts.
    I used plastic, it was good.

  9. In the story i enjoyed the bit where the boy landed on the moon?. I enjoyed making my alien sandwich. I put cheese for the teeth,cucumber for the eyes,butter for the mouth.It looked realy scary.I made a parachute out of plastic to help the martian and the boy.?

  10. In my sandwich I had some cheese, veg, cucumber and lettuce and it was yummy! I used cucumber for the white bits of her eyes and tomatoes for the brown bits in her eyes. it was a scary alien because I made the mouth go up down, up down.
    I thought none of the parachutes were going to fly, but they all did, so I was really surprised. I think plastic was definitely the best material. It was a bit lighter and waterproof.

  11. I made a parachute out of plastic. It did not open up so it fell too fast. To make it better I would experiment with different materials.

  12. First we writened the stuff we need, then next we drawed our parachute, then we got our ruler, then we put the ruler onto the parachute. Next we put words on our parachute then we tried our parachute to see if it will land softly to Earth !! Mine didn’t even work !

  13. I used tissue paper to make my parachute. It didn’t work very well though! Next time I would use plastic as it is stronger. I really enjoyed making this by myself.

  14. I used tissue paper for my parachute. My parachute flew up then down.
    My alien sandwich was made of butter, salad, tomatoes and cucumber for the smile. I was very tempted to eat it !

  15. I used string, plastic and paper to make my parachute. When I tested it in the playground it didn’t work. I think it was because I put a lot of plastic on it. But it was fun making it

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