Investigating ways to help the boy on the moon.

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Year 1 had a fun pack filled day investigating different ways to help the boy who was stuck on the moon with no light. The day began with the children gaining knowledge on what is a light source and which light sources are man-made or natural.  After gaining this knowledge, they were all enthusiastic to explore and investigate with the circuits. The children learn how to connect the wires to make a circuit and discovered that if there was a break in the circuit, the light will not come on.

16 thoughts on “Investigating ways to help the boy on the moon.

  1. we used crocodile clips and put one end of the clips on the light bulb and the other clip on the battery and joined them up to make a circle

  2. I was excited when I made the light bulb work. I needed two batteries in something , one red wire, one White wire with crocodile clips and a bulb.

  3. I found out that if there is a gap in the circuit the light won’t work, I also discovered that if there were two light bulbs and only one battery the lights were very dull and we need them to be bright, so two batteries would be best.

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