British Values and World Religion week

During this week early years had the opportunity to learn about special books and places of worship focusing on Christianity. We learnt that Christians go to a special place called church to sing, pray and learn. They were delighted to identify St Peters Church during their locality walk identifying shapes in the environment.

Another special moment the children experienced this week was a bread making workshop led by TnS. They gave the children the opportunity to learn how bread is made and the variety of breads people eat in different cultures. Some of the children were keen to continue their learning; pretending to make bread in the sand pit area.



One thought on “British Values and World Religion week

  1. Thank you for your report School Council. There certainly was a lot of learning going on during the week and we all started to understand about different religions and what mutual respect and tolerance of others differences means. I like the pictures of Early Years visiting the local church to learn about Christianity. Thank you

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