Early Years Nativity.

Thank you to everyone who came to show their support for the Early Years nativity performance, “A King is Born.” The children worked tirelessly to memorise their lines and movements for the stage. We are so proud of how well they sang the songs and remembered to use big clear voices when delivering their lines. Some of the children were apprehensive about performing in front of lots of people but they overcame their nerves and did a brilliant job.

The children looked fantastic in their costumes, thanks to a combination of parents’ contributions as well as the children making their own props and accessories. After the final performance we continued to enjoy some of their props in the role play areas of the classrooms, and the children were able to try out different parts. It was great to see they’d been playing close attention to their peers’ line as well as their own!

We are all so proud of the children and their fantastic performance. Well done everyone – you were amazing!

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