PCOS Visit

On Tuesday 21st November, Early Years welcomed some more exciting visitors. PCOS Steve and his partner came to talk to us about how they support the local police, and how they help to keep us safe.

They showed us their special uniform. This is how we know they work for the police. They had a black uniform and a Hi-Vis vest over the top with reflective strips. We learnt that they are worn so that they can be visible to people and cars, even in the dark.

The children even got to see their protective hats, which were hard to protect their heads. It was interesting to find out the style was updated from the traditional helmets and flat topped hats to seem more current in the community. The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about their job, how they catch the baddies and how they train police dogs.

Next we went outside to see their police van. The children could see inside the van and also the detaining section at the back of the van. Luckily there were no baddies in there! The children were excited to see the blue flashing lights and hear the siren. Did you know that there are different siren sounds? Ask you children if they can remember the different patterns.

It was such an informative visit. Thank you PCOS Steve for your time and making it interesting for the children.

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