Whatever Next!

On the 6th November, the children were introduced to the story, ‘Whatever Next!’ It really fired up the children’s imagination and inspired them to be ‘Have a go Heroes,’ at retelling the story. In order to help them remember the plot, sequence of events and details, the TAs drew story maps as the teachers read the story, to imbed it in the children’s memory. Actions were also added as they listened. Afterwards the children were able to retell the story, in detail by looking at the story map.

During free flow time, many of the children were inspired to draw their own story maps. It is wonderful to see them retelling the story in their own words and remembering the sequence of events, with so many details. It has been lovely hearing about how many children have taken their story home and shared it with their families.

If you haven’t already, why not try asking your child about what happened in ‘Whatever Next!’ Retelling a story is great for developing their speaking, listening and memory skills.

What shall we read next?


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