Paul Klee inspired cardboard sculptures.

This week the children have been looking at the artist Paul Klee and also a book inspired by Klee’s work, ‘The Cat and the Bird.’ The children looked closely at the artist’s work and recreated the city landscape in the form of cardboard sculptures. The children worked in small groups and practiced joining techniques using masking tape, hole punches, string and glue. They experimented with different textures of paper and card and worked on their cutting techniques. After adding the various features of buildings such as doors, roof tops, windows and chimneys, they went on to decorate the buildings in the colourful style of the artist.

Finally, each group’s buildings were combined together as a complete cardboard city sculpture. The children have enjoyed working as a team to create their Klee inspired city and are now well equipped to go on to develop their junk modelling skills. We look forward to seeing what they create over the next term. In the meantime, why not come and see their city sculptures displayed in the green room near the ‘Wow board,’ and also outside R Kelly’s classroom.



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