STEAM Week: Day 2

Day 2: symmetrical butterfly collage & bug talk

The children have had another busy day. After assembly, they received a letter from their friend ‘The Butterfly’ thanking the children for looking after them before the half term and setting them a challenge. Some of the children have been very focused creating a symmetrical butterfly collage using a range of colour tissue paper. It has been fantastic to observe the children applying a range of skills that they have learnt so far this year and exploring the range of materials and different ways of placing the pieces together.

Also today, we have been very lucky to receive a lovely bug talk from Graham. The children learnt different facts about a range of Minibeasts, their life cycle and features. They have been really inspired by the bug talk, and want to explore and look for more insects that live on our school grounds.

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One thought on “STEAM Week: Day 2

  1. The children were fascinated by the insects and it was great to hear them talk about their own experiences of mini-beasts.

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