As we approach the end of this busy term, the children have been very busy learning about Spring.

During our Literacy lesson, the children were treated to a variety of Spring items as part of their stimulus to support them with their writing. They spoke about the different senses that they use on a day to day basis and they were able to use these senses to taste chocolate and hot cross buns, smell daffodils, listen to spring nature music and birds, as well as look at the different chicks and lambs. From this wonderful experience, the children were able to write their own super poem whilst using adjectives to make their sentences more interesting.

Likewise, they had a wonderful opportunity observing daffodils and exploring the colours as they paint the flowers. They also had the opportunity to be super chefs as they made some very delicious crunchy Easter nests.

They were all delighted to end this busy term with a mini Easter theme.


image image image

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