Winter Walk

Since being back this Spring term, the children have settled really well into the different learning expectations. Yesterday they had the opportunity to go for a winter walk and explore their school grounds. During the winter walk, the children were looking at their environment to see any changes and using their senses to discuss their understanding of winter. They learnt that some trees are evergreen and others are deciduous, and they were working with their peers to identify the different types of trees on the school grounds.

It was lovely to observe the great experience the children had.


imageimage image

One thought on “Winter Walk

  1. … and the next day it snowed! All the green grass was covered in crisp, white snow. I could see the bright green grass where the children had rolled snow balls and made tracks on the ground. I wonder what the trees looked like when it had snowed? There could be some snowy pictures on my blog of the school grounds.

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