Young Designers

Early Years were tidying a box of fabric scraps and before you knew it they had designed and made all sorts of garments and soft furnishings.  There is a dress for a wedding, an asymmetric waistcoat (quite Vivienne Westwood) a scarf and a soft cushion full of bubble wrap! Many of the stunning designs are sewn together by hand with rainbow feathers also featuring highly in this collection. What will they produce tomorrow?

So the next day the boys sewed together 3 cosy sleeping bags for 3 little pigs!

3 thoughts on “Young Designers

  1. Fantastic Designs! Love the different styles and materials- great colours and patterns too. Very Creative!

  2. The next day the boys decided to making sleeping bags for their teddy’s, again all hand sewn. When I wanted to take a picture and they hadn’t got their teddy’s they ran off and one by one came back with the three little pigs all cosy inside. Look at their proud faces!

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