Smoothie bikes and STEAM

Friday was a day of celebration. We had really delicious berry and banana smoothies and Miss Paine peddled the smoothie bike. There was real STEAM after  all that peddling. All the children tried the smoothie and all the cups were empty. I’m sure their eyes were bright and shiny afterwards with all those healthy vitamins! 

Again the weather didn’t put us off and we had an indoor picnic at lunch time which was fun.

EY made a very long bug train then sketched it in detail and Xavier had been inspired to make a solid insect box with his dad.

Y5s work on moths this week has been fascinating. They caught a lot of moths in their trap and everyone was a different species. They have all been safely released back to the swale. Y5 will carry on their moth research this term as STEAM is definitely not just for STEAM week! 

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